Worldwide ship repair partner

Marine Technical Solutions

Deck Service

Technical Service

The company has been successfully carrying out ship repair projects since 2010.

We are engaged in ship maintenance, hull repair, mechanical installations, pipelines.

We provide ship repair services all over the world. We have a staff of employees ready to meet any requests in ship repair around the world, among them - welders, fitters, pipelines maker and ships engineers, ready for new challenges. The works can be carried out both during the scheduled repairs and without the ship being out of service while staying in the port or on the voyage.


service of ships 

Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of ships of any purpose with legal support. Defect detection of components and assemblies, their repair or replacement. 

Repair of ship hulls

Repair of ship metal structures. Use of semi-automatic and manual welding. 

Electrical, Control & Instrumentation Services

Electrical & Instrumentation division has significant experience in Industrial/marine/offshore delivering complete electrical and automation projects to major operators around the world. Our integrated services allow Marine Technical Solutions to manage every aspect of a complex workscope or project, including troubleshooting, project management, planning, design and engineering, material procurement, equipment testing, installation and commissioning.

Pipeline works 

Manufacturing, repair, modernization of pipelines. Repair of pipelines for fire, ballast, sanitary systems, bottom and outboard fittings.

We successfully completed a number of complex projects for the integration of ballast water treatment systems (BWTS).

Our services cover everything from design and register approval to manufacturing, installation and supervision.