Engineering Services 

Marine Technical Solutions

Marine Technical Solution’s Engineering Department capabilities:

Laser scanning

Thanks to a high quality laser scanner with photographic device, we can make accurate measurements even in the most challenging environments.

Combining 3D laser scanning with photogrammetry allows us to collect all the necessary data in just one visit to the ship. The resulting point cloud is processed and imported into a CAD program, with which we recreate all the required environments for the most complex technical spaces. 

On this basis, using the latest information solutions, we can prepare a complete package of technical documentation for any new system that you would like to install on board.

Comprehensive services

We offer comprehensive services throughout the entire design process, from system selection, on-board laser scanning to supervision during on-board installation and commissioning.

We offer a wide range of naval technical support for existing vessels, including: retrofits, lengthening, reclassification for new purposes, thruster installation, main propulsion change, new bow, sponsors, lunar pool, stern reshaping, superstructure changes, heavy deck crane installations, etc.

Full range of other marine design activities

We handle the full range of other marine design activities including: body contours, stability calculations, inclining tests, strength assessments, fire and safety plans, damage control plans, anchor handling guides, cargo securing guides, rescue measures, etc.