Technical Service

Marine Technical Solutions

Repairs to any of your operational vessels can result in a period of off hire that’s both time consuming and expensive, with the added risk of being out of circulation at a crucial time. What if your future repairs were delivered on time, on spec and with full transparency?


For more than 10 years Marine Technical Solutions has been carrying out overhaul and maintenance services of two and four stroke diesel engines, boilers and other machinery and deck equipment.


The Marine Technical Solutions flying repair teams allows to provide our services on site, on the vessel during voyage or at any location of the world. To achieve high standards of quality and effectiveness for your project we’ll apply the latest technological solutions and the best experience of our team.

We are always looking how to minimize expenses and maximize profitability for our clients. We continually assess new options for cost management.

The scope of services we can deliver:
We are experts in marine diesel engines troubleshooting, overhauling and maintenance with:

Ships engines technical service

Electro-technical service

We may offer regular or emergency technical support with ships electrical equipment such as Main Switch Boards, el. motors, generators, winches, cable wiring and etc.

Auxiliary machinery technical service

Company can offer to our clients technical services assistance with the steam or thermo-oil boilers, pumps, ships incinerators, plate or tube coolers, fresh water generators, etc.

Deck machinery technical service

We’re able to work with following engine makers


which you will get  if you will work with Marine Technical Solutions for routine repairs:

well trained and motivated manpower


in service, planning, and consultation

Safety conscious

operating at the highest standards of safety


24 hours a day / 7 days a week

Environmentally aware

highest priority given to environment protection


consistently improving to offer the highest quality