The company Marine Technical Solutions (MTS) was established in 2010 as a Ship Repair Service company specializes in providing to the customers the mobile and underway ship repair 24/7, installation Ballast Water Treatment Systems and any other kinds of marine technical re-equipment in the world. 

About Us

Marine Technical Solutions has specialized in ship modernization and repair projects worldwide since 2010. We carry out all types of ship repair, pipeline works, vessel laser scanning, engineering systems design and other types of marine design.

Our State

Personal consists of highly qualified marine specialists. All employees have professional education and knowledge, confirmed by certificates. Among them are welders, fitters, pipe fitters and engineers ready for new challenges. We offer mobile crews ready to meet any ship repair requests.

All work is carried out in accordance with the rules and standards of all international classification societies and national classes. The goal of MTS is to work hard and efficiently under tight time constraints, offering customers the highest level of service quality.